Metropolis of Propolis

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(propolis: noun, ˈprä-pə-ləs, : a brownish resinous material of waxy consistency collected by bees from the buds of trees and used as a cement in repairing and maintaining the hive. In a tincture with alcohol, it has serious medicinal uses)

Dave's Beekeeping Videos

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Latest BeeCam Shot

25 June 2019 - 2 hives moved up north of the main bee yard. I'll be building a new bee stand for that smaller yard soon. Total of 7 operational hives now. I'm predicting about 100 lbs of honey in July.

Latest Bee Field Shot

29 Apr 2019 - Mowed down all the dried up crimson clover, disced the field and planted Indian Blanket and Purple Coneflower
Technology: The BeeCam is powered by a 150W solar panel (way overkill - it's just what I had available), feeding a 12V 12 AmpHour battery through a MorningStar ProStar-30 solar controller to allow it to run 24x7 without a really long extension cord being required.
It transmits via WiFi to a 9-node Eero mesh network that is about 200ft away. If the BeeCam picture is old, it's because it's struggling to transmit to the WiFi network, as it is live streaming video 24x7, whereas I only capture a snapshot once every 5 minutes for this page. The Ambient Weather WS-2902 transmits via the 900MHz band about 200ft directly to my weather station inside the DaveCave, which is on the WiFi network, so it can upload its weather data about once every 2 minutes to WeatherUnderground. (Note that Weather Underground is extremely flaky and prone to 404 errors and other nonsense.)